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Website Strategy and Online Marketing

An organization's website is its online calling card.

Whether used for fundraising or business development, to recruit volunteers or employees, or simply to raise awareness of a mission or product, websites require an easy-to-follow structure and clear messages.

It's not enough to upload brochure content -- strong websites require examining how information is organized and writing content that is "web optimized."

My website experience includes:

I am also experienced in online marketing strategies including:

  • Social networking

  • Google Analytics

  • Google AdWords

  • Blog strategy development and blogging

  • Email blasts and online newsletter development
Coming Soon:

Teens with Epilepsy website, The Epilepsy Foundation

Stay tuned for the launch of new content for the Teens with Epilepsy website.


Charter school website, Beginning with Children Foundation

Stay tuned for updates on the redevelopment of the three websites fors this charter school management organization and its partner charter schools.

Case Study: Elie Wiesel Foundation

A strong web presence is vital to raising awareness of a nonprofit's mission. But it wasn't until after losing millions of dollars to Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme, The Elie Wiesel Foundation discovered the importance of accepting donations online.

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Case Study: TCC Group

Consulting firms tend to be known for their expertise. But for TCC Group, their disorganized and unwieldy website prevented the company from showcasing its expertise or effectively reaching clients. The firm's new website allows current and prospective clients to quickly locate useful resources and allows the organization to take advantage of lead generation strategies.

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