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Freeplay Foundation Media Relations Outreach

The best fundraising ideas are only as good as the funding they generate and the partnerships and connections they build. However, successful fundraising requires more than a compelling cause and an interesting initiative. It also requires strong publicity in order to get news of your efforts to prospective donors and increase your fundraising success.

Headquartered out of London, Lifeline Energy (formerly known as The Freeplay Foundation) is an international nonprofit that provides free wind-up and solar-powered radios to the poorest people in the world. The free radios enable hundreds of thousands of children and rural farmers to learn English, math, science and life skills through radio distance-learning programs.

The organization was actively seeking ways to raise its profile in the US and when two-time Academy Award winner and Freeplay Foundation US Ambassador Tom Hanks volunteered to sign 10 Freeplay radios for sale in an eBay Charity Auction, the organization was thrilled.

As Account Director, I drafted multiple focused pitches to secure media in a number of outlets including blogs, satellite radio and the E! website, a special goal for the Freeplay Foundation. Thanks to our efforts, the Foundation raised $13,000, a full 30% more than even eBay had expected.

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